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Patricia Pine

Muscles in Harmony
Pat Pine, RDH, COM® has over 30 years of years of experience as a dental
Hygienist. Pat speaks nationally and internationally on topics in dentistry on OSHA safety and infection prevention.
She has expanded her education to include Myofunctional Therapy. Her passion to
help others keeping their smile forever led her to create Muscles in Harmony. Providing patients’ a means to assist in neuromuscular training unbalanced muscles to harmonized muscles. Pat creates an atmosphere for older and younger smiles. The ideal age to start Myofunctional Therapy can be as early as infancy to any adult age. Function and movement can affect any facial muscles at any age. Pat continues her education in both oral health and physical health.
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy plays a huge role in correcting imbalanced problems or myofunctional disorders that have been created by inappropriate muscle function and/or incorrect habits involving the tongue, lips, jaw and face. Pat believes in collaborating with other professionals for the best interest of the patient; the more knowledge the better. Myofunctional therapy is fun. These disorders can be corrected non-invasively for a healthy lifestyle. Pat’s practice Muscles in Harmony is located in Fountain Hills, AZ, connect with Pat at, your invited to view her website at